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Alloys Lockets & Padlocks Platinum
Solders Bangles and Cuffs Tennis Bracelets
New Products Bright Silver Pearl Clasps

Specialist Casters of Precious Metals

Apecs Investment Castings Pty. Ltd has been a major presence in the Australian jewellery industry for more than 55 years, providing excellent quality castings and a high standard of service, to which we remain dedicated to continue and improve.

Apecs specializes in custom casting of gold alloys, platinum, silver, brass and bronze for the jewellery industry.

Our Comprehensive Catalogue range includes over 5,000 designs, including rings, pendants, earrings, settings, pearl Clasps, Tennis Bracelets, Lockets and Findings.

Assorted Ring Castings from Apecs

Apecs Bright Silver 925, Australian Patent No 688773 & United States Patent No US 6,726,877 B1, is a series of silver alloys fire-stain free and tarnish resistant, suitable for all commonly used silver processes.

Our up to date technology means you are supplied with superior finish castings.


From either wax patterns or metal master patterns supplied to us for rubber moulding, or cad waxes and resins.

Our CAD Cam Service provides you with the finest resolution of Resins and milled waxes, with Cad drawing service also available.
Pearl Ring Render

The Aim, Not The Claim

The Apecs motto is 'The Peak of Perfection'. The suggestion is that perfection is the goal, and the company's four and a half decades of innovation are an upward climb towards that peak.

"Success is a journey, not a destination," Tony said, "and Apecs is only forty eight years into its journey."

14ct Green Gold
On Monday 14th November we will be casting 14ct GREEN GOLD. Try it for something a little different!!!
8 Nov 2011
JAA Australian Jewellery Fair - Brisbane
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia Mar 12 - 13, 2011
10 Mar 2011
Melbourne Showroom Opens
Visit Apecs on the 3rd floor of the Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins Street Melbourne
29 Sep 2005