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Our patented Firescale Free Sterling Silver is avaliable as Castings, Full Alloy for either casting or fabricating and Wire, Sheet and Rod.

Using Bright Silver you will find polishing a dream without the hassle of trying to remove firescale. Your silver will be whiter, brighter and more lustrous.

During Fabricating, Bright Silver work hardens quicker and to a greater extent than Standard Sterling Silver


This alloy does not contain Nickel or Cadmium.


CASTING: For investment casting the following temperatures are recommended: -
  • Normal items - Flask 600°C and Metal 1025°C
  • Heavy items - Flask 300°C and Metal 1025°C
Neutec Users:-
  • Flask 630°C, Metal 930°C and Positive pressure

Adequate sprueing is essential in order to attain the best results. We recommend that sprues be approximately 20% heavier than normal.
Flasks should be allowed to cool for 20 minutes before being quenched.


WORKING Remains fire-stain free during all normal silversmithing processes.
May be remelted for economical use of scrap.
It is softer than standard sterling silver in the annealed state and work hardens to a greater extent.
Solders used with standard sterling silver can be used with Bright Silver 925, however as it does not give the same visual aids when heated care needs to be taken to avoid over heating.
It has a melting range (solidus - liquidus) of 870° - 890°C.
It can be age hardened to 120 HV by:-
  • Solution treating at 700°C for 30 minutes then quenching
  • Ageing for 2 hours at 250°C

As this alloy approaches its maximum hardness when reduced by 50% care needs to be taken not to overwork the metal.
This alloy also shows good resistance to tarnish.


Apecs Bright Silver 925 is available as



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