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Finishing Services

Apecs offers a finishing service for your castings. We are happy to finish either your own designs which you have cast with us, or designs you choose from our Catalogue Range.

There are 3 levels of Finishing available:

Fully Finished – Sprue Removed, Emeried, Hallmarked (where possible), Polished ready to set or sell.

Enhanced Plus – Sprue Removed, Emeried, Tumbled.

Enhanced - Sprue Removed, Emeried only at sprue site and tumbled.
  Resizing in wax before casting is available – these are only available as Unfinished or Fully Finished Castings.

As most of our New Designs are now created by Cad in Resin, Resizing is usually available in the file before casting. These pieces are able to have any of the Finishes.
14ct Green Gold
On Monday 14th November we will be casting 14ct GREEN GOLD. Try it for something a little different!!!
8 Nov 2011
JAA Australian Jewellery Fair - Brisbane
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia Mar 12 - 13, 2011
10 Mar 2011
Melbourne Showroom Opens
Visit Apecs on the 3rd floor of the Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins Street Melbourne
29 Sep 2005