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Apecs Plate and Wire

12 Mar 2003

Match, add, build-on …to your casting order. Apecs plate and wire is available in our gold alloys and Bright Silver 925. Ask our Orders Department for details. Colour match to alloys you are working with. Add value to your order by including wire, plate, solder as extra line items to make casting fees more economical.

  • Apecs Plate and Wire
  • 14ct Green Gold
    On Monday 14th November we will be casting 14ct GREEN GOLD. Try it for something a little different!!!
    8 Nov 2011
    JAA Australian Jewellery Fair - Brisbane
    Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia Mar 12 - 13, 2011
    10 Mar 2011
    Melbourne Showroom Opens
    Visit Apecs on the 3rd floor of the Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins Street Melbourne
    29 Sep 2005
    We have recently received enquiries regarding moulds sent to Apecs for new orders and how they would be processed.
    1 Sep 2004