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Apecs Services


Apecs has a wide range of alloys available for casting. We can cast your own Waxes supplied by you, either hand carved, or injected, or we can Mould your Master Pattern and reproduce that piece for you many times and in any of the metals. We also cast the wax and Resin models produced by the various Rapid Prototyping machines.

CAD Service

Apecs Investment Castings Pty. Ltd has introduced Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacture (CAM) to the Australian Jewellery industry.

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Apecs offers both a Vulcanised and Cold Pour Moulding Service. We have a variety of sizes moulds available.


Apecs offers a finishing service for your castings. We are happy to finish either your own designs which you have cast with us, or designs you choose from our Catalogue Range.


Catalogue Range

Apecs Catalogue consists of over 4,000 designs which are available to anyone in the Jewellery Industry.


Ring Castings from Apecs


Apecs Alloys have been developed and are created in house, using only the purest of elements.

We guarantee the carat rating of all our alloys.


Apecs proudly offers a range of Cadmium Free Solders. Our solders have been developed in colours and hardness to match our alloys. All gold solders are carat rated.

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Forming is a press-based technique enabling a wide variety of techniques from rapid making of one-off artworks to small series production.


14ct Green Gold
On Monday 14th November we will be casting 14ct GREEN GOLD. Try it for something a little different!!!
8 Nov 2011
JAA Australian Jewellery Fair - Brisbane
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia Mar 12 - 13, 2011
10 Mar 2011
Melbourne Showroom Opens
Visit Apecs on the 3rd floor of the Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins Street Melbourne
29 Sep 2005